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New Article Available

A new article has been published named,  “How to Persevere and Persist to Meet Your Goals” .   I invite any and all to read it and comment on the article.

Announcing Press Release

A press release was placed on February 4th noting my award of “Expert Author” by Ezine.com Anyone caring to read the article may go to http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=LowellDaisley.

Expert Author Status

I am very pleased to annouce that Ezine.com has awarded me the “Expert Author” status for the article entitled “The Importance of Listening and Communicating”.   The award allows me to show the designated symbol on my webpage browser.  I want to invite everybody to read the article and make any comments.  Who knows, I may make some new friends.

Just to invite you to read the analogy of listening and communicating using the deaf community as a model.  Hope you find it interesting and informative.  Being a hearing person but married to a family with my father in-law being deaf, has brought about a whole new world to me.  One of the most loving and satsifying experiences of my life.  You may find the article in Ezine or Article Base.

Living in Nebraska

Most everyone I meet in person or by phone seems to draw a blank as to the exact location of the state and what Nebraska is like to live and play.  They may know of the Huskers (Cornhusker football team) and they may have come to Omaha to attend the NCAA Men College World Series.

After spending a lot of my life continually moving west from New York State to Indiana and Ohio, I arrived in the state in 1960 as a result of a change in job.  I must admit that coming from Cincinnati to Omaha was quite a shock to me at the time. 

Upon arrival in Omaha, I was taken to Johnny’s Steak House for a lunch that consisted of Prime Rib of Beef, french fries and a salad for $1.60.  I also bought a home for $90,000 in a beautiful neighborhood.  (Later sold for $275,000).  Things seemed to be taking shape in my young life. 

I soon discovered the economic landscape of Omaha and eastern Nebraska was vibrant being a  corrugated box salesman.  As I drove each day up and down the highways selling boxes, I soon discovered how important agriculture was and is to Nebraska.  I also was suprised to see the little furry bundles napping in the fields each spring with the mothers close by to feed and protect.  I soon discovered how important raising cattle was to Nebraska and the United States economy.  

As time went on, I found out the variety of things that can take place in Nebraska depending on the time of year.  In the summer there is gardening, fishing, boating.  In the fall, there is duck and goose hunting along with pheasant and quail hunting.  And then in the is our much beloved Husker football team.  Whether you at at the game in Lincoln or in a duck blind or hunting in the fields, you have a radio to stay tuned to the action.

Winter brings about a change with deer hunting and custom butchering of cattle and hogs for our freezer.  We also cut and split wood for burning in the stove.  How about attending the Omaha Symphony Orchestra presentations or the Playhouse or the Opera.  We have it all to enjoy. 

As I drive across Nebraska, I can’t help but look out at the open plains that once was a trail for the early settlers to cross on their way to California.  Indians and their reservations can by found across the state.  Chimney Rock at Scottsbluff is still standing after all these years of being a landmark for the early settlers.  Rodeo’s and county fairs are still happening each summer.  Fishing and camping in our state parks are a real pleasure.  At North Platte, the waters from the mountains of Colorado and Wyoming come together to form the Platte river.  At Plattsmouth, the Platte empties into the Missouri where Lewis and Clark once camped on their expedition. 

In summary, Nebraska can have an occasional hard winter and can have winds blowing too often and then add several tornadoes each spring and summer but you know, “There is no place like Nebraska”.